Employee Appreciation Dinner

Our annual employee appreciation dinner is a time we get to celebrate all of our employees and the work they do to improve lives across North Central Ohio.


During this year’s dinner, we presented several awards, including our Employee of the Year award, which is given to the employee who goes above and beyond and has a positive image as an NCAT employee.


This year’s winner was Winston Allen! Winston has a positive impact with his peers, passengers, and community. He is an icon in Fostoria and goes above and beyond to ensure operations are running smooth and safe.  


Drivers who did not have a preventable accident are presented a Safety Award. This year, 33 drivers were given this award, a testament to the care and reliability of our drivers.


We also presented the Don Hammer and Steve Behm awards, which are selected by NCAT employees. Don and Steve were long-time drivers who passed away a few years ago. Both of these men left a huge impression on their peers and community, and we are grateful for their service to NCAT.


This year’s winners were Trish Wittenmyer and Cindy Lafontaine. As her co-workers said, “Trish has a heart like no other, she is full of compassion and cares for others.” Cindy is someone who brings joy to everyone she sees. As one of her peers said, “Cindy’s contagious laugh is infectiously joyful and makes everyone laugh.”


Congratulations to all our winners!